Workouts for your mind and body

Just as proper nutrition and food fuel your body, so does working out.  Workouts can come in all shapes and sizes.  It can be a kick ass workout on the treadmill or a TRX or Barre class.  A workout can be an inspiring pilates or yoga class or it can be refreshing and breathtaking by hitting the pavement for a run outdoors.  Workouts can also be soul searching in a meditative state or on a long bike ride.  They can be cool and tranquil in the pool or the ocean.  A fitness buddy can recharge us and keep us company in our quest for greatness or just be there  to reconnect with.  Whatever you want to call it….working out, fitness, cardio, pilates, yoga it all helps to make us feel better about ourselves and look better too!

My goal is to inspire you with ideas for toning, strengthening, and improving your overall fitness through Pilates, Cardio, TRX, Barre and Outdoor Training.  I hope to help make you successful in your fitness journey, inspire you, and keep the exercises fun, functional and effective on your quest to fabulousness!

Workout smarter and harder, not longer!