This & That & Class Schedule June 22-26th


This video is of Joe Pilates, his wife Clara, and their Wunda Chair.  Joe wanted everyone to have a piece of pilates equipment in their house that was functional as well as met their needs for exercise.  Pretty cool!

Class Schedule for Week Of June 22nd – 26th 

All classes Mountain Standard Time

M/W/F – 10am Circuit Class.  Bands both long and short, weights light to medium weight.

M/W/F – 11am Pilates Mat Class.  Monday you need a Magic Circle, Wednesday small weights and Friday no Props, we do the Advanced Mat Routine.

Tues/Thurs – 4pm Stretch Class.  You need a yoga strap or long strap of some sort, a ball, yoga block and foam roller.

As we continue into our Safer At Home routine I would suggest that you purchase the items listed below if you are going to continue workouts from home.  Most of this can be found at Amazon.  If you need help with equipment recommendations, let me know!

Suggested Items:

Magic Circle

Feldenkries Ball

Foam Roller

Yoga Blocks


Bands – both long ones with handles and short ones to put around ankles.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone again for the donations.  I truly appreciate it!  I also want to thank you for showing up week after week.  Give yourselves a pat on the back as well!

I will be taking some time off around the 4th of July holiday to recharge a bit.  I will keep you posted!

Have a great week!  See you soon!



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