This and That

Aloha My Fitness Friends! 

The Schedule for the week of July 13-18th is the same as last week and will probably remain the same for the month of July.

M/W/F – 10AM MST – Circuit Class.  Great class to help maintain your muscle mass or even build muscle if you haven’t done any weight training in awhile.  Simple, basic moves and light weights are used.  45 minutes.

M/W/F – 11AM MST – Pilates & Stretch – 60 minutes.  We will do about 30-40 minutes of Pilates and the remainder is stretch.  Monday is Magic Circle Monday and Wednesday is Pilates with Weights.  Friday is anything goes!

This and That:

In August I will start teaching a Ball Class.  We will use small weights, the small ball and the large ball.  This class will have a lot of Pilates – like exercises and will also focus a lot on your balance, core and coordination.  If you are of average height a 55cm ball would be good.  If you are taller than 5’8″ then a 65cm ball would be a better fit.  If you decide you don’t like the class, well then, you will have a ball as a chair that you can sit on while you do computer work 🙂 Order yours now from Amazon so it will be here in August.

Privates.  I am also doing private training now.  I can do your own private workout…whatever you want….weights, pilates, barre, boxing, trx, ball, reformer (if you have one).  Price is $25 for a 30 minute session.  I can also do semi-privates if you and a friend want to do it together either virtually or together.

Thank you again and again for your support.  If you have questions about your workout program or need modifications, let me know.  If you  need information about Zoom or the password, email me as well at

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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