Online Classes Week of July 6th


We are halfway through 2020!  And what a year so far!  As we continue into our new normal, I am going to move forward and try to challenge you with some new props and formats.  If you haven’t purchased weights yet, it is time!  Try to get two sets of weights, a heavier and a lighter (by light I mean 2 lb and heavy I mean 5 lb).  They may still be on back order but order them anyway as it appears we will be here awhile.  Other props to get:

Magic Circle – standard ring is 14-15 inches in diameter, but smaller is fine too.

Foam roller – Half rollers or full are both good.

Fitness Ball – This is for a class idea I’d like to add later in the month or in August.  A 55cm ball is good for most of us.  If you are taller than 5’8″ then a 65cm ball would be a better choice.  Here is a link to one such ball

The small fitness ball link is here

Bands and tubing are good too.  One short and one longer with handles on the longer band, which is better for your wrists.

I have upgraded my Zoom account so now I can try some classes for a bit longer than 40 minutes.  We will start with the Wednesday Pilates Mat Class this week.  This class will be one hour and we will do about 40-45 minutes of pilates and the remainder will be stretching.  Let’s start there and see how it goes.  Here is this weeks schedule!

Schedule Week of July 6th – 10th *All classes listed in MST.  

Mon/Wed/Fri – 10am Circuit Class – class will be 45 minutes.

Monday 11am Pilates Mat with Magic Circle – 45 minutes

Wednesday 11am Pilates with Weights + Stretch – 60 minutes

Friday 11am Advanced Pilates – 45 minutes

Please email me with any questions you may have about modifying your exercises or any injuries that you may have so I can make recommendations.

If you are new to class or have friends who want to join, please send them my info or share the zoom link with them.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and support!





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