Pilates Tower Workout – Push/Pull

The Pilates Tower is one half of the Pilates Cadillac and is attached to one end of the reformer.  It adds complexity to the class workout by giving you more options and by being able to expose more students to the exercises on the Cadillac.

I’m in Colorado now, working at Colorado Athletic Club Tabor Center.  I am their new Pilates and Yoga Coordinator.  I’m hosting a week of Open House Classes to get more members involved in the Pilates Program and I had some time after one of my sessions today to film this.

The higher up you attach the arm springs, the harder the exercise will be.  You can also adjust intensity by moving closer to the Tower to make it easier or move away from the Tower to make it harder.

  • Chest Press with Arm Raise.  Lift your heels (releve) and hold them up to make it even more core-centric.
  • Rowing with a Twist.  Work that waist, move from your waist as well as your arms.
  • Squat with roll down and roll up.  Pull the arms back as you roll up to make your abs work harder!

There is no sound to this video…just follow along and work your chest, back and arms.

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