Happy New Year!


Hello Friends!

Happy 2019!  I hope this finds you happy and healthy!  My goal for this year is to post more!  Last year kinda got away from me with getting settled in Denver and starting a new job, so my goal is to stay connected with you this year.

As I was trolling through Pinterest, I came across “10 Things That Require Zero Talent”.  It’s pretty self explanatory and great advice, especially the first one…..be on time…..one of my biggest pet peeves.  I used to be one of those people that was habitually late until I worked on a Cruise Ship.  There would be none of that, thank you!  We all had to synchronize our watches each week before we sailed (this was before cell phones).  If you were late, you were written up.  If you got 3 demerits, you were let go.  Tardiness was not tolerated!  That’s were I learned to toe the line and be on time!  Since then it has become one of the things that I pride myself on….being on time, starting on time, ending on time, not wasting somebody else’s time and being respectful of other peoples time.  And speaking of time, I hope you make time for yourself in this new year.  Make time to take care of you, whether it be a bubble bath, taking 5-10 minutes to meditate and breath or grabbing a girlfriend and go shopping or do spa day.  Taking time for you is not selfish, it’s necessary.  Make time for YOU in 2019!

I wish you all the very best this coming year!  I think it’s going to be fantastic!



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