Pilates Classical Advanced Mat Routine Part 2

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Here is Part 2 of the Pilates Mat routine.  You should do 8-10 repetitions of each exercise.  On the Side Bends and Twists and Planking exercises do 3 on each side.  Make if fluid and make it fun!

What is Classical Mat?  Classical Mat is a series of exercises that Joe Pilates created and developed.  The Advanced Pilates Mat Routine is meant to be performed in a specific order with a specific number of repetitions in a specific amount of time (35 minutes) and with specific, smooth transitions.  It is meant to be a workout!  It is meant to be fluid and flow from one exercise to another with little to no break.  Think of it as one long exercise!  It also meant to be strong and challenging.  Pilates sometimes is incorrectly thought of as slow and soft and not hard enough!  Well those people aren’t doing it correctly or with the right instructor if they think that’s what this exercise is!  Joe Pilates was very athletic and this workout showcases that!

I broke the routine into 2 parts, mainly because if you are like me your attention span is short and you don’t want to watch a 30 minute video!  This gives you the option to watch and do part of it and then do the same with the other part.


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  1. Hi,

    Great post! and great video.
    It’s kinda nice to watch a 15 min video than a full 30 minute video
    Keep up the awesome job :)


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