The Pilates Jumpboard Routine

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I want to finish off the month of Leg Work strong by ending with this Pilates Jumpboard video.  The Jumpboard is designed to be able to do jumping (plyometric) exercises while laying down….which takes a significant amount of stress off of the joints.  It’s saves your knees a lot of wear and tear but still helps get you ready for the slopes, hiking and just everyday living.  Bonus is that it is fun!  I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t smile or giggle a little bit the first time they try the Jumpboard.

Some places offer dedicated classes to just Jumping, others will incorporate the board into a portion of the class.  The heavier the spring, the more you will work your legs and heart rate.  The lighter the spring the more you will work your core.

Try it out!  I’ll make sure I let you give it a try in all my classes this week!

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