Teaser on The Reformer

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Teaser on the Reformer.  The box adds another level of difficulty – it takes you from full extension of the spine into full flexion of the spine.  This is very challenging, so even if you don’t have a reformer, try doing teaser on top of a box or step bench to add another layer of difficulty to this already challenging exercise.

  • Teaser is by far the best exercise for your abs.  Studies have shown that it is 39% more effective than a regular abdominal crunch to tone your rectus abdominus.

  • Teaser is also – ready for this – 266% more effective for targeting your external oblique muscles than a regular sit up.  You are literally pulling your body off the floor with your abdominals!

  • Teaser also burns about 6 calories per minute.  Compare that to 7.5 calories per minute for a burpee.  Impressive!

This is why I love Teaser!

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