Class Schedule Week of May 18-22

Aloha My Fitness Family!  Please note that you now need a password.  If you do not have it, then email me directly.

**All classes are Mountain Standard Time

*** Use this Zoom Link to connect to all classes:

Monday, May 18th 

10am Circuit *Change from Barre

11am Pilates

5pm Stretch 

Tuesday, May 19th 

10am Barre *Change from Circuit

4pm Stretch

Wednesday, May 20th

10am Circuit *Change

11am Pilates

5pm Stretch

Thursday, May 21st  

10am Barre *Change

4pm Pilates

Friday, May 22nd 

10am Circuit

11am Pilates

11:45am Stretch 

I am so appreciative of your support!   If you are interested in making a donation, message me directly for Venmo or Paypal information.

All classes can modified and are good for all exercisers!  Please let me know if you have any injuries or have questions about modifying an exercise, I want to ensure your safety and enjoyment in the class.  Message me with your questions or comments.


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