Summer Tips – 3 Things You Should Know About Sun, Fitness and Fashion

Sun>  What is the best color of clothing to wear this summer to protect from the sun’s harmful rays?  You would think the answer is “white” but not so….read on


Ultimately, white is the be-all and end-all of heat-repelling colors, but not so great for sun protection. With this light color, lots of sun gets in. Still, it’s the most comfortable thing you can wear on a hot day if you don’t want your clothing to absorb lots of heat. The sun’s UV rays will penetrate white and light clothing pretty easily, so it’s a good idea to wear a sunscreen along with your whites.


While light colors are resistant to gathering heat, black colors provide better protection fro the sun’s UV rays. This makes black and other dark colors an excellent choice for sunblocking power. Unfortunately, black does attract heat, so you’ll probably be the most comfortable wearing black on days that are sunny but not so warm. Alternately, wear light, cool colors, but protect yourself with a black brimmed hat or parasol.


Want to hedge your bets? Go with some blue instead of black or white. This will give you some dark color UV protection, but with less heat absorption. Just how dark the blue is will make some difference, but the great thing about blue is that it is the color of choice for denim, a material highly rated for skin protection by the Skin Cancer Foundation.


Fitness> Treading Water

  1.  Being suspended in water takes the stress off of your joints and allows you to move without pain or pressure on your joints
  2. If you stop moving, you sink.  Therefore the whole body is working to literally, stay afloat, which leads you to a bigger caloric burn.
  3. The body loses heat 4X faster in the water than it does on land, therefore the body is trying to regulate your temperature so your metabolism kicks in to regulate your body temperature which leads to extra calories being burned without having to change your effort or intensity of exercise.  Win/Win!
  4. One hour of treading water can burn 600 calories!  This is the equivalent of 2 hours of walking or an hour of cycling or running (note that both the latter apply impact to your joints, while treading will not)

Treading is effective and efficient – two of my favorite things in a workout!  You get the whole body involved and you can spend less time and still get a great calorie burn!


Fashion> One piece, long sleeve swimsuits are in fashion!

As I strolled around Kauai, I found more and more women wearing one piece, long sleeved swimsuits.  I saw various versions of this suit

  • long sleeved swimsuit
  • long sleeved, thong
  • one piece swimsuit that looked like a t-shirt top and swim bottom
  • crocheted one pieces

I didn’t get the memo?  When did this happen?  It seems that all of a sudden the one piece is back in fashion.  I see it on my sites I follow on instagram so it must be true!

I just got comfortable wearing a bikini and now I’m supposed to switch to a one-piece?  I think I’m going to hold out on this one.


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