My Playground! A Gym Without Walls

I’ve skipped and hopped from rock to rock down a river stream to a waterfall.  Working on balance and agility.  It’s also a great confidence and self esteem booster!  I felt like a kid again, skipping from rock to rock and not falling!  A little bit of yoga at the end…Trikonasana (triangle pose) at the end!

I’ve done circuit work in the sandy beaches of Kauai.  Alternating walking in the heavy sand to walking briskly along the shoreline.  Walking on the beach, especially in the deeper sand, is a great way to get your heart rate up, work your legs and especially your calves.  It’s also a natural pedicure for your feet!


I’ve done a power walk up and down the paths of a golf course and found benches to do pushups and dips.  Look around you!  I found rocks to do step ups on, benches to do dips and pushups.  I toted a band with me to do bicep curls.  The possibilities are endless.  Use your imagination.  It also makes it a lot more fun!  Crank up the tunes or just listen to the sounds of nature around you.



I’ve toted my yoga mat to do Pilates Stomach Series and Sun Salutations while looking out over the ocean.


And of course I’ve chased chickens and roosters around and run away from dinosaurs from Jurassic Park!


It’s definitely liberating to get outside and use my imagination for my workouts!  I feel more energized and refreshed because of it!


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