Super Powders – The Benefits of Charcoal

IMG_8908Charcoal is another Super Powder to consider.  Earlier this month I talked about Turmeric, which by the way is working very well!  I feel a difference in my joints already.  I think it is helping with inflammation!  I’m on week 3 now.  Good Stuff!  Another Super Powder to learn more about is Charcoal.  Charcoal can be taken in pill form or as a powder mixed with liquids such as juice or water.

Here are some of the benefits of taking charcoal:

  • Whitens Teeth. Have your teeth become stained from coffee, red wine and berries?  Empty about 2 capsules of activated charcoal into water, dip toothbrush into mixture and apply to teeth.  Leave the mixture on for about 2-3 minutes and then rinse….you may want to use a separate toothbrush, as the bristles will darken.  Your teeth will also be black while you wait to rinse.  The charcoal will be odorless and tasteless, but it will be gritty.  Rinse well and then notice that the teeth appear whiter and plaque will disappear.
  • Alleviates Gas & Bloating. Pill form is best here, follow dosage directions on the bottle.  Take in between meals so that you are not depleting your body of nutrients and vitamins.  Drink lots of water with it.  This is to be taken as needed for gas and bloating, not as a daily supplement.
  • Toxin removal.  Poisons, Alchohol poisoning, Food poisoning are all cases where charcoal can be taken to absorb the toxins in the body quickly.  If this is the case, you should call 911 immediately before trying to self diagnose.
  • Skin and Body Health. For external treatments, it is effective at treating body odor and acne and relieving discomfort from insect bites, rashes from poison ivy or poison oak, and snake bites.
  • Reduces Cholesterol.  Studies around the world show that activated charcoal reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol as much as some prescription medications. In one study, total cholesterol decreased by 25 percent, LDL cholesterol decreased by 41 percent, while HDL increased by 8 percent — in just four weeks.Study participants took three doses of eight grams each for the period of the study. As mentioned below, don’t take activated charcoal within 90 minutes to two hours of taking any prescription medication or supplements as it can prevent proper absorption.

There you have it…..another Super Powder unveiled!

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