Take 5


Take 5 is my new addition to What the Fitness!  In TAKE 5 you can expect to get ideas or reminders to do the things that we all forget – purposefully or not!  Please share other ideas you may have for this or future articles of TAKE 5!

Before you go to bed at night, TAKE 5 minutes to prepare your gym bag and clothes for work the next day.  This will save time in the morning so that you aren’t running around trying to find the perfect shoes or accessories to go with your outfit.  This will help start your day on a calm and positive note.  Plus it will give you a few extra minutes to read WTF with your morning cup of coffee!

Before you take your pooches on a walk, TAKE 5 minutes to put on their leashes or halters and then ignore them!  That’s right!  Ignore them!  If your dogs are like mine and they go crazy about a W-A-L-K, then this gives them a moment to calm down before they charge out the door.   Making the whole experience a little better.


When putting away your laundry, TAKE 5 to clean out or organize one drawer per week.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed and daunted by this task, just take a few minutes to clean out your sock drawer of those old, unworn socks or mismatched ones.  Little by little you will have a more organized drawer and closet.  Still seem to big?   Take out a few items from one drawer or refold a few items each week from one drawer until it is done.  You don’t have to make it a big project.  Just keep at it little by little.  Baby steps.

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