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*Each week, Susan will “Weigh In” on her experience and how she is feeling.  This is her “Weigh In” for Week 1.  See Yesterday’s Blog Post on “Joe Pilates to the Test” for more information.

1 I jumped at the chance to do this experiment with Heather.  It’s timely, given the fact that getting dressed to return to work after the holidays, my pants were tight.  In fact, I took them off to make sure I hadn’t grabbed a smaller sized pair by mistake.  Nope.  Uh oh.  Apparently the sweets and comfort foods I’ve been consuming in larger quantities since Halloween are present and accounted for.  Ugh.

Who am I and what’s my experience with Pilates?

I’m a 47 year old wife and mother of two school aged kids.  I have a demanding job, a long commute and many additional draws on my time.  I have not prioritized exercise for much of my adult life.  I am prioritizing it now.

Three and a half years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Three years ago this month I completed chemotherapy.  After I recuperated from chemo, then surgery and radiation, I discovered Sunflower Wellness.  Sunflower’s goal is to help people living through cancer with exercise. Sunflower Wellness offers exercise counseling and exercise classes.  As a Bay Club member, I was happy to discover Sunflower classes offered at Bay Club.

I first walked into Heather’s Sunflower Pilates class with trepidation. I had never tried Pilates.  Worse,  I no longer trusted my body and was fearful of my limitations.  I remember being fearful to reach out and to balance on the reformer.  I wasn’t used to being so timid.  I started out cautiously and enjoyed the exercises, but attended class only sporadically. That changed last year when I started taking a private lesson with Heather every other week.  I gained confidence and strength. After all that has been done to me to rid my body of cancer, it feels good to reclaim myself through exercise.

What do I hope to get out of this?

I’d like to reduce the protective layer of fat hiding my six pack abs.  I also want to lay the foundation for a lifetime (preferably long) of prioritizing fitness and my health.  Plus it would be fun to prove Joe (Pilates) right.  Not only am I admitting to myself what I hope to accomplish, I’ve announced it to you. Heather has my measurements.  I feel vulnerable and accountable.

Thanks for embarking on this experiment with me.  I hope you find it interesting, informational, and ideally, motivational.

Here’s how we’ve started…

Week 1

Day 1: private lesson: Pilates mat work, Cadillac and reformer.  Enjoyed the Cadillac. Legs felt like jelly after supine. Made it difficult to get up from the dinner table.  Surprised my legs weren’t sore the next day, but my lower abs and triceps were!

Day 2: group lesson, reformer- after class I hung out on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  Upcoming measurements are motivating. Not sore after group lesson.

Day 3: private lesson- started off with the jump board on the reformer.  Quickly raised heart rate.  Moved to the chair.  Heather’s undivided attention and doing one leg at a time prevents me from cheating.  Enjoyed inverted pushups on the chair. Used reformer tower to work arms.  Feeling it tonight.  I fall asleep dreaming that my arms will one day look like Heather’s.

Susan Schultz

*We are not going to post measurements every week, but at the halfway point of week 5 and then again at the end of the 10 weeks.  Stay Tuned!

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