Foam Rolling 2.0 – Back, Side Body and Neck

This week I’ve got a video on how to foam roll your back (which feels great!), how to roll out the side of your body, meaning the ribcage and lats and serratus muscles.  How to roll the armpit, which is kinda ouchy when you do it….very sensitive!  Lastly, I will show you how to foam roll the neck….which is divine!

Foam rollers come in different hardnesses….meaning the denser it is, the more pressure it will apply when you lay on it, for more pressure on the muscles.  It’s like the choice between a deep tissue massage or a swedish massage.  Choose from the following rollers:

Black – firmest, densest pressure

Blue and Green – medium pressure and denseness

White – the lightest pressure you can apply

Try to foam roll these areas at least once a week!


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