Monday Mat! Extension Exercises – Swimming and Swan

In today’s Monday Mat I will show you how to increase spinal extension with 2 exercises – Swimming and Swan.

There are only a few exercises in the Classical Mat Routine that increase spinal extension.  Two of those are Swimming and Swan.  Spinal Extension is important in today’s world of hunching over a desk or phones most of the day.  Extension exercises open up the chest and shoulders, help you stand up straighter, open up the lungs and airways to breathe easier and, in general, help you feel better.

Make sure that you don’t feel pinching or pain in your low back.  If you do, please ask a professional trainer or pilates instructor for help on understanding the exercises more in depth.  You can also email me at or leave a comment here.

P.S.  I did not know until today that YouTube only allows 15 minute videos.  The video was cut about 30 seconds short.  The only thing missing was me signing off, but if it seems like it ends abruptly, that is why.  I chose to post it instead of re-recording and waiting until Tuesday to post.  :)

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