Tower of Power – Front and Back Upper Body Workout

The Cadillac

Today in class we did Tower.  Tower is what you call the apparatus that is half of a Cadillac.  It combines most of the equipment that is on a Classical Cadillac and puts it all onto one side of the tower.  This saves space and allows students to get the benefit of the Cadillac exercises without a studio owner having to buy multiple Cadillacs (they are huge and take up a lot of space).  These particular Towers are also reformers and can be converted into either reformers or towers.  Sound confusing? The photo at left is a full Cadillac, the video is a Tower unit.

The Cadillac is also known as a Trapeze Table and way back when Joe Pilates invented it, it was called the “Bednasium”…..because that’s what it was…..a bed mattress with towers and springs attached to it.

My client, Susan Schultz, helped me out with this video.  We did front body exercises:

Pushup or Chest Press

Chest Flys


For the Back of the Body we performed:

High Rowing

Low Row Single Arm Pull

Bicep Curl with a Squat

These exercises can also be done on a standard cable cross machine or a Freemotion Cable Machine if you don’t have the Pilates Equipment.  You will be able to get a better idea of what Tower looks like from the video.


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