Workout Wednesday! Introductory Pilates Reformer Workout!

First off….please make sure you understand the equipment before trying to use it.  Work with a certified Pilates Instructor first before trying this workout so that you understand what you are trying to do and how to use the equipment.  That being said….this is a great jumping off point for an Introductory Pilates Reformer workout.

The video introduces the concept of a round (flexed) spine in 3 exercises – Stomach Massage Round, Knee Stretches Round and Short Box Round.  Over and over you will see how to bend your spine into a C – curve and keep it flexed (round).  So many of the pilates exercises focus on flexion of the spine, which translates to abdominal crunches and core work, so understanding this concept is key.

I will also show Footwork and The Hundred which are staples in any Pilates workout along with Leg Circles, Pelvic Lifts, Running and Bottom Lift.

Follow along as best as you can and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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Have a great Workout Wednesday with this Pilates Introductory Reformer Workout!



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