Workout Wednesday!

Thank you to my friends Alexis and Oscar for helping me with this workout video!

It’s always more fun to train with a partner.  They push you, they cheer you on and they even bring out your competitive side and they tend to make you laugh while you’re doing it!

For this workout you will need a partner, a spri band, a mat.

  • Partner Pull – make sure your band has no nicks or tears in it before you pull on it.  Keep it tense and taught at all times.
  • Stability Pull – One person pulls while the other stands still like a statue.  Don’t move!  You’ll feel all your muscles working
  • Abdominal Crunch with Band – Try to use your abs to lift you and refrain for using your neck and trapezius.  If the band is to hard for you, get an easier band or have your partner not pull as hard on the band.
  • Plank – You can either be on your hands or your forearms while performing the hand slaps.
  • Bridging and Stairmaster – This is the fun one!  Get silly with it!  Push evenly, try not to outdo your partner.

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