My Yoga Mentor – Betty Roi


I’ve taken Betty Roi’s class off and on for the past 8 years.  Mainly sporadically when my training schedule would allow.  It wasn’t until last year that I decided to do privates with Betty, since I couldn’t attend her class on a regular basis.  Wow!  What a game changer!  It has made all the difference in my practice, my understanding and my flexibility and strength.

Betty is an amazingly insightful, thoughtful, wonderful teacher!  Every class that I take from her is like a mini workshop.  I learn so much about alignment and the practice of yoga both physically and spiritually.  She always has some insight or words of wisdom for her class and clients.  She once referred to “us” meaning her students, as archeologists.  We have to excavate and dig to find the deeper, truer meaning of our lives.  We must always keep digging to learn more about ourselves and our daily lives.

If you have not taken one of her classes, you should!  You should also consider doing a private with her to further your own practice.  I look forward to my sessions with her every Wednesday!

For more information on Betty’s class schedule or to inquire about privates, check out her website at:

Thank you Betty!




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