Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Packing Tips

*Not all who wander are lost*

April Summer Shape Up is coming to a close and now it’s time to think about packing logistics.  Here is a short video on some cool packing hacks.  The T-shirt folding will take a bit of practice.

I have also enlisted the help of my friend Rowena Leung, who travels quite often to Europe and Asia, for some travel tips. Some of these tips you may already put into practice and some may be helpful hints to try:

  • Packing list – always write things down because you WILL forget
  • Skin care/hair/cosmetic – always get small samples from Sephora or other stores, saves a lot of space as they can get very heavy
  • Get a Space Bag (online or at Container store)- it makes things more organized and compact
  • Aspirin, Emergen-C, and any remedies you are familiar with, as it’s not so easy to get it overseas
  • Get a foldable shopping, like the kind you get at Container stores.  It’s useful for shopping in town or to take to the beach
  • Take a Theraband in case you want to do some body work at hotel.  Or don’t forget to watch What the Fitness mat routines
  • To reduce wrinkles on clothes, put your item in the dry cleaner’s plastic bag when you pack

Must haves:

  • Big scarf – it goes everywhere, when it’s chilly, or you can wrap it around you as a sarong for beach.
  • Down vest – it folds up like nothing
  • Sun hat or big sun glasses
  • Ballerina flat – Tieks are great & comfy, great colors and foldable.  Good for going through airport security too, and good for the plane.  Or loafers.
  • A nice versatile jacket – something to dress up or down
  • A black dress for evenings
  • A nice small handbag
  • If on business, a good watch means business, especially when dealing with men, they do notice

Europe No-Nos:

  • no stiletto because of cobble stone streets, unless you drive door to door
  • No shorts or flip flops
  • No sneakers
  • No yoga pants unless you go to yoga

Asia must haves:

  • Cotton sundress, no jeans as it gets really sticky and hot there
  • Elephant pants – they are airy and comfy and have pockets
  • I don’t recommend shorts unless you go to the beach, or unless you spray anti mosquito spray all over your legs, as they get nasty there
  • Shawl – the air conditioning is like the Arctic there
  • Flip flops are ok, but I don’t recommend it because when it’s crowded, people step on your toes usually or they may spit on your feet

Safe travels and happy adventures to you all this coming Summer!

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