Shoulder and Chest Stretches for Better Posture

Hi!  Happy Tuesday!

Today I have 3 stretches to open up your chest and shoulder muscles. After performing these 3 exercises, you should feel like you have a longer neck, better posture and looser shoulders.

Perform each of the 3 exercises on the right side, don’t switch over to the left arm until you’ve done all 3 on the right side, then you may switch to the left arm and repeat all 3 exercises.

Hold each posture for 5-10 breaths.  If you are really tight, try starting with 5 deep breaths breathing in through the nose and exhaling through the nose.  Of course, 10 breaths would be ideal if you can manage it.

Never push through an exercise.  If you are feeling any pain or pinching, discontinue the exercise.  If you are just feeling a bit of discomfort because you are tight, and we all are in this area, then continue with the deep breathing.

  • The first exercise targets the rear deltoid muscles (back of the shoulder)
1st Exercise
1st Exercise
  • The second exercise targets the front part of the shoulder
  • The third exercise you will feel in your chest area

3rd Exercise

3rd Exercise



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