What’s Trending in Fitness Classes – 3 Fun, Fitness Classes

Looking for something new and fresh for your fitness?  Well check out these 3 new and unique classes that are popping up at local gyms and studios everywhere.

  1.  Goat Yoga or Goat Pilates
  2. Beer Pilates
  3. Mermaid Fitness

Take a peek at what you will get in these funky new classes:

  1.  Goat Yoga or Goat Pilates incorporates baby goats crawling around you and on you while you practice.  Not sure how you can NOT smile, but do you get a good workout? Just make sure the goats are young, as older goats will try to head butt you when you put your head down….they think you are playing and will head butt you!  Click on this link to see what you think!  https://youtu.be/ttSQ8cFG33E
  2. Beer Pilates.  Team Building at it’s finest!  At Hillside Brewery in Gloucester you can host this class at your company retreat/team building event.  What to expect:
    • Abdominal crunches while holding your beer between your inner thighs.
    • Arm exercises where you use the beer cans as weights and do curls.
    • Planking with the reward being a sip of beer after holding your plank for 1 minute.
  3. Mermaid Fitness at the Hotel del Coronado.  Put on a tail and become a beautiful mermaid!  Check out this link.  https://youtu.be/TSfocnDY_U8

Which would you choose? :)




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