Pelvic Floor Workshop – Part 3 of 3 – Hypertonicity

Hypertonicity is a tight, stressed pelvis.  Hypertonicity is sometimes characterized with painful voiding, pain during intercourse and stress incontinence.  It can sometimes also refer pain in the low back and hips.

Yoga is a great exercise choice for those with hypertonicity.  In conjunction with the breath, you can learn to stretch the pelvic floor with your breath while you are engaged in your yoga poses.

Hypertonic breathing should focus more on a deep inhalation.  When exhaling, do not kegel or emit a forceful breath that tightens and contracts the pelvic floor.  Focus on stretching the pelvic floor with your deep, long, slow inhale.  Focus on visualizing the floor of your pelvis getting stretched while you inhale.

Hypertonicity can be caused by stress, sexual trauma, traumatic or prolonged births.

Keep practicing those long, slow, deep inhalations to help relieve the tightness.

I hope this 3 part series has helped to introduce you to better breathing and a better understanding of your pelvic floor!


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