Happy Hips! Yoga Stretches for Glutes and Psoas.

I’ve been doing a ton of driving this past month….driving from San Francisco to my new home in Denver, Colorado.  Driving all around Denver to locate the perfect place to live and then getting on a plane to fly 7 hours to Hawaii.  Yes, I have unhappy hips!  This segment will help you to fix unhappy hips if you tend to sit or drive a lot or if you just happen to have tight glutes and hip flexors.

Part I

This first exercise will lengthen your waist and stretch your low back. Use a bolster, a block, a rolled up blanket or mat to sit on.

Part II

The first exercise will stretch and lengthen your psoas muscle (hip flexor) as well as stretch your quadricep (thigh muscle).  The second exercise is called figure 4 stretch and will deeply stretch your glutes.  This stretch has 4 parts.  Don’t skip ahead to the last part, do all 4 variations of the stretch to maximize the benefit of the stretch.  Perform exercise 1 and 2 on the right leg then switch and do all the exercises on the left leg to really get a great stretch.

You should feel like you have a whole new body after this!  I hope you like it!

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