Headspace – Guided Meditation in an easy app

My friend Judi turned me onto this app.  It’s called Headspace!  It’s awesome!  In a busy, stressful world we all need a few moments to ourselves to quiet the mind.  I call it “Squirrel” when the mind gets too busy and chaotic!  Our mind is like the dog that gets fixated on a squirrel in the Disney/Pixar movie UP.  Our minds bounce from one thought to another like a dog chasing squirrels.  This app leads you through guided meditations.  The meditation can be 1 minute or 10 minutes long.  The narrator has a lovely voice that gently teaches and leads you through it all.  There are different meditations for different things….sports, work, to refresh you or to restore you.  You can try it for free and then decide if you want to try a monthly subscription.  I was meditating before, but this really changed things up and made it much easier.  The narrator gently nudges you in the right direction throughout the segment.  He is positive, encouraging, cheerful.  It’s really quite lovely!  Check it out!  Quiet the SQUIRRELS!

“Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers.”  -Unknown


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