40 Days to Spark some Sparkle – Days 8-14.


Ok!  Week One and Done!  I hope that at least one of my tips resonated with you and sparked something that gave you a chance to sparkle!

Two stories from this past week:

One woman told me that she was going to do the High Intensity Cardio, but that instead of 20 minutes, she was opting for 10 minutes.  That’s great!  I love the fact that she took the information to heart and molded it to fit her lifestyle yet still kept the integrity of the message.  Way to go!

One of my friends had a moment to sparkle too.  She was on her way home and starving…she was going to bail and eat a pizza, but instead she stopped at the grocery store and bought some healthy, pre made dinners instead.  She not only avoided eating pizza, but she got some healthier good choices AND stocked up on those healthy food choices.  I love it!

Thanks for the feedback!  That’s what I was hoping for!

Here’s Week Two’s List:

  • Choose your WORD for the year
  • Invest in some new raingear
  • Work your Triceps
  • Assess your Nutritional Needs
  • Buy a Lottery Ticket
  • Meditate for 5 minutes
  • Take a Hike


Sunday, Jan. 8th – Choose your WORD for the year.  Take a moment and decide what word you would choose to set the tone for the year ahead.  It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you.  Tape it to your mirror or put a reminder in your daily calendar so that it pops up every so often to remind you.  My word for the year is VIBRANT!

Monday, Jan. 9th – Down Came The Rain!  We are in the thick of the rain right now, how about assessing what you’ve got in the rain gear department and investing in a new pair of rain boots?  A slicker?  A fun new umbrella?  My two favorites are my raincoat and my umbrella.  I’m not a fan of the rain, but my coat and my umbrella at least make me smile!

Umbrella = My Umbrella is by Suck UK – click here to see link

Another good one that I like is by Betsey Johnson – here’s a link

Tuesday, Jan. 10 – Tricep Trifecta – The tricep muscle has 3 parts or heads to it.  If you want to make your arms look great – focus on the triceps rather than the biceps or deltoids.  Slimming and toning the triceps will make your arms look great!  I always do tricep exercises over all other arm exercises.  “I want saggy arms, said no woman ever!”  Work your triceps!  Video to follow later this week!

Wednesday, Jan. 11 – Nutrition is the tip today – do you need a multi vitamin?  B-12 for energy or  Vitamin D due to lack of sunshine?  Take a few minutes to assess your nutritional situation and then head to the grocery store or health food store (Whole Foods has a great section) to select what you need.  Mine is Turmeric.  My goal is to diminish inflammation and joint pain through this Super Powder.  More to come on that later this week too!

Thursday, Jan. 12 – Buy a Lottery Ticket!  You can’t win if you don’t play!  Enough said!  :)

Friday, Jan. 13 – Try 5 minutes of Meditation.  Set a timer (yes a timer, so you don’t keep looking at your phone!)  It’s hard to clear your mind and keep it blank even for 5 minutes.  So let’s start with baby steps.  5 minutes and set a timer.  Sit and focus on your breath, or chant a word (maybe your Word for the Year that you chose earlier this week!)  When you feel your mind start to wander to your To Do list, gently say “Thinking” and let it go.  Go back to your breath and trying to focus on your word.  Give it a shot….see what happens!

Saturday, Jan. 14 – Take a Hike!  We have a beautiful backyard here in The Bay Area!  Get out and try a walk in a new neighborhood, or walk on the beach or try a hike in Marin. Studies show that getting outside, even for a few minutes can improve your mood, self esteem and boost confidence.

Have a GREAT week everyone!


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