Teaser Tuesday – Pilates Teaser Progression with Magic Circle


This routine uses the Magic Circle to progress you from the Pilates Tree Exercise into Pilates Teaser.  The Magic Circle adds support and also enables you to stretch the back of your leg (your hamstring).  Once you’ve got that  part mastered, progress to using your arms to lift you up off the floor and then progress to not using anything but your abdominals.  Have fun!

This summer I’d like to invite you to take a photo of yourself on your fabulous vacation, doing a Teaser.  It can be in a tree, by a stream, on a mountaintop, in a quaint little town in Europe….wherever you may be!  Send me your photos to info@whatthefitness.com and I will post them on the website!

I’d love to see you rocking’ the Pilates Teaser on your vacation!

Have a great day!

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